Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Return to The Earth: Botanical Tea Towel

Return to The Earth: Clary sage Botanical Tea Towel
How cute is this Clary sage tea towel from Return to The Earth?

Not happy with just making awesome lotions and potions, Return to The Earth have teamed up with Sara Gossett to make these beautiful tea towels, with more on the way....

To grab yours visit Return to The Earth here on Etsy...

Monday, 2 May 2016

Map Quilts by Mary Bryning

Mary Bryning Quilted Map: Ullswater

I recently got mentioned in an online article about Moon to Moon as a blogger and mother from California...... well the majority of my readerships are US based and I love the whole Californian aesthetic but I don't live there. Originally from Brighton, England, I now live in Bristol, England. So, I thought it was about time I featured a little more art, textiles and properties from here in the UK. I recently found these stunning map quilts by Bristish artist Mary Bryning so thought these were the perfect place to start....
 Mary combines her love of textiles and embroidery with an interest in maps and the effect human settlement has on the landscape. Her work explores the patterns of geography and cartography using hand-dyed or printed fabric, recycled maps, appliqué and machine embroidery, producing images of familiar and well-loved places from unfamiliar viewpoints. She also creates work based on natural forms on the coast, in the countryside and in gardens.

View more of her work on her website (which she shares with her artist husband Ken) Bryning Art

Sefton park
Grasmere and Rydal
Birkenhead Park

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Tea Ceremonies around the World

Tea Ceremonies around the World: India

The British Isles

Living in England, loving tea is kind of inevitable.... Most Brits can't function without their morning cup of tea (although quite a few do love their coffee), we even created cricket with a built in tea break!! Even if i am late to meet a friend for a cup of tea....I will still have to have my cup of tea (Earl Grey, 1/2 a sugar) before I leave the house..... So when I found this article from Conde naste traveller about Tea Rituals across the world I had to share.....

I have included a few photos and an extract of the text but the whole article is really good and i recommend you check it out...

"Before steel, before oil, before cars or guns or Coca-Cola, there was tea—one of civilization’s first truly global commodities, as well as one of its most enduring and beloved. The idea of drinking tea is credited (as are so many other good things in life) to the Chinese, who are said to have discovered the curative, and soothing, effects of steeping leaves in hot water in 2737 b.c. And although the practice quickly traveled throughout the Near and Far East via the Silk Road, it didn’t reach the West until relatively late—probably the sixteenth century or so, when the Portuguese and the Dutch (and later the English) began establishing strongholds in Asia.

But once introduced, it flourished: The English in particular went mad for tea, and today, even though their empire is long gone, an affinity for the drink remains in every country they once colonized—evidence of occupation served hot, in a cup. Indeed, to have a cup of tea means that you’re yet another participant in a millennia-long tradition, one often freighted with significance far beyond simple enjoyment. In sixteenth-century Japan, for example, teahouses were constructed with very tiny doors that could be entered only on one’s hands and knees, and which necessitated leaving one’s sword outside: a way for both parties to ensure their mutual humility, and a promise to each other that theirs would be a meeting of civility, not of potential violence. And although we (rightly) consider chai India’s national drink, it didn’t become truly ubiquitous until the 1950s, when the India Tea Board (which owed its very existence to the British) began a campaign to popularize the beverage. In fact, it wouldn’t be overstating the case to say that tea tells the history of the world: how different peoples traveled from continent to continent, bringing with them their own customs; how those customs were adapted and transformed."

Tea Ceremonies around the world from Conde Nast Traveler, styled by Amy Wilson, Photography by Anna Williams