Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Home of... Kieran & Giselle

The walnut couch/day bed and stump stool were made by Kieran. Family portrait by Giselle.
"The best thing about this room, and all of the house really, is that the big windows let in so much light and breeze from the surrounding fields," Giselle says.
The ceramic sculptures were gifts from the sculptor Arlene Shechet.
The 1970s kitchen was torn out when the couple moved in and replaced by an open plan with countertops and cabinets constructed by Kieran.
The kitchen stove came from Kieran and Giselle's former apartment in Brooklyn.
The cabinet was made by Kieran . Painting by Alex Lakin (I love this!!)
"The Other Room," which functions as a guest room and a place to play music. The molar tooth stool beneath the piano was made by Kieran.
Giselle says. "For some reason, we have a collection of travel books for places we meant to go, but didn't. Like a record of almost vacations."
A family portrait painted by Giselle
The wooden cabinet was found inside the property's chicken coop and was moved into the main house. Both portraits were painted by Giselle's grandfather, Fuller.
Kieran and Giselle brought the clawfoot tub with them from Brooklyn.
The old sink was found at a junk shop with a homemade cabinet around it.
Isabel's bedroom. "It's the largest bedroom in the house for the smallest person in the family," Giselle says. Bed constructed by Kieran.
Pia's old school desk looks out over the apple trees and lilacs,
 This beautiful 1900 home has been lovingly restored by owners Kieren and Giselle and features some of beautiful wooden furniture and artwork, so no surprise that it belongs to an illustrator and Wood worker. the home is full of treasures reclaimed from skips, previous homes and family hand me downs and combines them with both artists works to achieve a cosy, homely feel.

My favorite elements are the Molar piano stool made by Keiren, The family portrait by Giselle, the vintage childs desk (we used these at my school) and the stunning Junk shop find sink.....

'Kieran came to this 1900 home 17 years ago, when he and his wife Giselle a noted children’s book illustrator, vacated Brooklyn for greener (and decidedly more spacious) pastures. They fell in love with the surrounding area, the property’s expansive acreage, and the giant apple trees that filled its grounds. With an old chicken coop that would make for a fantastic at-home studio, it seemed the perfect package.

When the couple arrived, they had very few belongings — just some curbside finds and an old clawfoot tub that they managed to cart all the way with them from Brooklyn. “It was very sparse and Shaker-like,” Giselle notes. Over time, Kieran and Giselle accumulated more belongings, from hand-me-downs from Giselle’s grandmother to wooden furniture that Kieran crafted himself. The couple also welcomed two daughters, Pia (12) and Izzy (9), and a dog, making their family (and home) much more full.

Today, this fullness makes for a wonderfully rich and utterly charming home, a space that emanates warmth and love from every nook and cranny. Like a great pair of jeans, it is a space that gets better with age and use, perfect in its imperfection. “In the cold months we warm up by our wood stove, listen to records or sing along with Kieran on the ukelele,” Giselle says. “In the summer we spend a lot of time outside, us in the garden and the girls in their tree house or in the giant forsythia bush.” No matter what the season, this seems like a beautiful place to call home.'

 Words Maxwell Tielman for Design Sponge... view the full article and more wonderful photos here

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The New Bohemians Book by Justina Blakeney

The New Bohemians By Justina Blakeney
The Folksy Home of Faith Blakeney... I love the Kantha Quilt as a curtain Idea
The Romantic Bohemian Home of Erika Tanov and Steven Emerson, Berkley Hills.
The Folksy Bohemian Home of Stella and Pedro Alberti
The Folksy Bohemian Home of Mattie Kannard and Dennis Smith

I have been very eagerly anticipating Justina Blakeney's debut Interiors book 'The New Bohemians'  for months and was so honored when Justina asked me to take part in her book tour.

As a regular visitor to Justina's Junglaow Blog I knew this book was going to be special but from the minute this beast of a book (300 pages) hit my welcome mat I have been like a kid in a sweet shop, eagerly flicking through the rich glossy pages trying to decide which home is going 'to be mine'.... So far I have narrowed it down to 4...

Bohemians are split into 6 categories: Modern, Earthy, Folksy, Nomadic, Romantic, and Maximal. As a Bohemian Interiors blogger myself I have always felt that the word 'bohemian' covers such a broad spectrum of styles and Justina's categories are all perfectly thought through and apt.... whilst thankfully avoiding insensitive terms such as 'gypsy' and 'ethnic'.

Although diverse in styles each of these homes is beautiful arranged and feature some really beautiful textiles, art and furniture and I am sure any Moon to Moon reader will be as obsessed with this book as I am.

Not satisfied with being just a fabulously inspiring Interiors book 'The New Bohemians' also features recipes, a fabulous Plant-o-pedia, and how to guides including a guide to making your own home fragrance, which I must try........

To get your hands on a Copy of 'The New Bohemians' either visit Amazon here or visit your local Independent book seller.

A massive thank you and Congratulations to Justina and Photographer Dabito, I am hoping a sequel will be just around the corner xx