Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bar Cart Essentials

I love this Home bar with overhanging Star Lights

Home Bar
Bright and colourful Bar

Fully Stocked and ready to go

Vinyl and Booze :)

If like me you are a bit afraid of 'styling' your home then setting up a bar cart is a great place to start. You don't even have to have a dedicated bar cart, just a simple tray with a few bottles and a cocktail shaker will add instant edgy glamour and I think they always look put together.

If you wan to go one step further and get serious about your bar cart then luckily brands such as Hendrix Gin and The Bitter Truth not only make yummy alcohol but they also come in beautiful Victorian style packaging that looks great on the bar cart or just on your shelf!

My other favorite bar cart must haves....

Hendrix Gin
Amethyst Wine stopper by Brooklyn Thread
Long Wooden Stirrers by board and bread
Copper Moscow Mule Mug G & G Mercantile co
Vintage Claw Ice Pickers from eBay

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Home of... 3 Brooklyn Artists

"Though it somehow never feels cluttered, this space is filled with a miscellany of oddments accumulated over the course of the lives of its occupants—and each one has a story to tell: an Ikat textile adorns Wass’s bed, under the watchful eye of a flying pig (both acquired on trips to Bali); a handwoven belt bought in a Bolivian market hangs next to a ceramic necklace made by Wass’s grandmother; a one-armed lamp named “Hernani” stands guard over Ginsberg’s art; a yard sale of objects populates Wass’s bedside table—“vintage bracelets, a glass pendant that my mother made for me, striated rocks given to me by Bedouin friends while traveling in Jordan, a little tool for weaving yarn into a square cord, coins from various countries, shells from various beaches, a vintage umbrella sent from a friend in Australia…”—providing daily inspiration."

 This is the home of three Brooklyn Artists jewellery designer Laura Wass, Pepi Ginsberg (lead singer of the band Companion), and Lucy Childress (a photographer… and nurse). 

Images by Brian Ferry , original article from  BK magazine

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Moroccan Inspired home of.. Sybil and Dan

This fabulous Brooklyn home is owned by husband and wife Sybil and Dan (who own the people of tomorrow,) and their gorgeous little daughter. When renovating the 4 story property in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the couple were inspired by Morocco and the French Caribbean. Juxtaposing earthy tones and exposed brickwork with fabulous neon paint and electric blue ceramics creates a creatively and visually stunning place that importantly, is also really fun and child friendly.

I love the little girls room in particular the gourd lampshade and thick reclaimed wood shelves. I am sure you would agree this would be an awesome house to grow up in!!

To see the full story and see more beautiful images visit Apartment therapy here

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Overgrown Hideaway...

David Brook and Debi Trelore Easy Living 2005

Before I first started blogging I picked up a copy of a magazine in the dentist and I remember thinking how magical this place looked. Huge overgrown plants covering the windows and walls. Pretty white lace curtains covering the old timber door frame. And behind an inviting looking sofa was a photo wall. It made me want a secret hiding place, the kind of place only I could go, maybe a studio to write or create art, or even just read and be alone.

We all need those days or moments to be alone and just breathe... the desire to spend time alone doesn't have to be through negativity in our day. Sometimes it is just great to be still and reflect, to have no noise bouncing around in our brains like a pinball...

This place would be a dreamy place to regather your thoughts wouldn't it?
The 3 top images are from Easy Living (2005) and are a collaboration between Debi Treloar and David brook, the bottom I am not sure about its origin but I love that time has clearly gone passed and the hideaway owner has added more to their inspiration wall :)

xx gabi xx