Sunday, 16 July 2017

The home of..... Moon Juice's Amanda Chantal bacon

The home of Moon juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon

What I love about Amanda Chantal Bacons L.A house is well....  pretty much everything. Its warm and relaxed, with mostly relaxing neutral tones but just enough colour to keep it interesting.

I am always excited to see pictures of the homes of what I would call 'successful hippies'. I guess this pride stems from watching films as a teenager where the 'alternative' character ends up conforming, becoming popular and bagging the bland jock character.  Yawn!

If you aren't aware of Amanda and her wonderful brand Moon Juice then you can check out her site here and her previous home featured on Moon to Moon here.

To see the full article and set of photos visit Vogue here

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Big windows and Round lampshades

Halprin House
 Design Sponge
Via design sponge

I love these lamps. My father always said they were 'student' lampshades but I love the big moon shapes glowing with a warm low watt bulb inside.